The Worst Governor In The Country

A recent report from New York’s AG Letitia James is making sever implications on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s performance on handling Covid-19. The report says that the state undercounted nursing home deaths by about 50%.

Two of the most controversial things the Gov had to say in response to this was, “Where this starts, frankly, is a political attack.” talking about those within the previous administration specifically HHS Michael Caputo and, “But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

Caputo had this to say in response, “Early on, experts at the Health and Human Services administration identified Cuomo’s foolish executive order (referring to the order that sent those who tested positive back into nursing homes.) as a primary cause for thousands of nursing home COVID deaths in New York. He’s right, I called him out on it immediately… Cuomo is personally responsible for thousands of unnecessary nursing home deaths and he must be held accountable.”

From March till May New York was sending people who had tested positive for Covid-19 back into nursing homes. While still to this day, counting those who had died in nursing homes and those who were from those facilities but had died in hospitals differently.

The states current reported number is around 8,600. With this new report that brings the number over 12,000 on nursing homes alone, which we have known this whole time to be the most vulnerable. All the while the media has praised him for his actions during this and, him writing a book on his handling of this pandemic.

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