If You Oppose Bidens EO’s

Since taking office, President Biden has signed over 50 executive orders. Most notably, halting the XL pipeline, no new permits for fracking and, joining the Paris Climate Accords. Luckily for us, there is a Representative who not only speaks out against these but, tries to do something about it.

Lauren Boebert has introduced four bills challenging at least some of these EO’s. Boebert is a freshman rep from Colorado. She’s the kind of person that makes the old school Republicans clutch their pearls. So far as I can tell she sticks to her principles. Going so far as to carry her personal firearm at the Capitol.

Only time will tell if she’ll just be a GOP AOC or a valued member of this new wave of officials in the GOP. Only time will tell but, I think we should trust her until she shows that we shouldn’t.

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