Too Little Too Late

177,000 people were removed from Michigan voter rolls. This happened because they had moved to another state or did not respond to the state and therefore were considered inactive.

This came about because Tony Daunt, a conservative activist, filed a lawsuit with Honest Elections Project to try an keep election integrity intact.

Daunt said this after the news came out, “The National Voter Registration Act protects the franchise of every Michigan voter, and it’s disappointing—but not surprising—that it took a federal lawsuit to force Secretary Benson to comply with election law,”

The lawsuit was first filed in Feb of 2020. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson had finally sent ballot applications to everyone in May. Because of death or moving, around 500,000 of those were returned to the state.

By the time this happened the lists could not be changed because of federal law preventing so 90 days before an election.

“[I] think it is unfortunate that a lawsuit was needed to finally bring about what should have been routine list maintenance activities,” Michigan state senator Ruth Johnson said.

One cannot help but recall that Biden won Michigan by 154,188 votes.

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