Dividing The Country By Zero

For decades there has been discussions about reshaping the country in some way, shape, or form. The most recent is Oregon counties voting on leaving the state and joining Idaho, and a bill introduced into the Texas state legislature to allow Texans to vote on succession.

While anything is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes, it’s not hard to see that such rhetoric is getting more and more heated up.

I believe that the main reason why is because there’s become two major disconnects in the country. That between the cities and rural areas, and the costal states and flyover states. I think a great illustration of this is the fight for more school choice, and for constitutional carry.

One side of the isle wants more freedom, while the other wants less. I believe most Americans fall to one side or the other on the center line just a bit but no one is getting they want out of their elected officials because over the years we have changed and messed up our election system and now the major population areas almost run the whole country themselves. This isn’t fear mongering or far fetched. They’ve done so in their own states.

What these things will lead to is hard to know. However, it is certainly something we need to keep our eyes on lest it spiral out of control and we’re left here wondering what happened.

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