It’s Now Wrong To Be A Mother

Today I read a letter written to an advice column sort of thing.

There are several things to be taken from this but the main ones that I want to focus on is the destruction of marriage and motherhood.

Firstly, a good, strong marriage is one that is rooted in God. With that comes specific ways in which a christian marriage should function. (Colossians is a good starting point.) As we have strayed further from God, it’s only natural and logical that what we come up with instead is the exact opposite.

This is not a man who loves his wife for who she truly is but for what she WAS like. People are not unchanging. We grow and evolve until we die. If you love someone for what they’re like instead of something deeper and more foundational, you’ll always end up in a situation like this one.

This man is also very selfish. Marriage is about being selfless, seeing the other as more important than yourself. Instead of supporting his wife on this new endeavor, he’s more concerned about how now life won’t be as “enjoyable” because of less money. He goes so far as to suggest that there is something wrong with her and that she wouldn’t be a good role model for their daughter.

This line of thinking is also very umbilical and leads to another common issue in America where most abortions are performed just because it’ll cause an interruption in life like this is now for him.

Secondly, as I briefly touched on this earlier, we as a society have been trying to convince ourselves that women are more valuable as workers than they are as mother’s. However, I wonder what they would say if we were to ask them? They’re unhappy being career makers and missing out on family. Because of the pandemic and massive job loss, now many don’t want to go back.

I would argue that mother’s need their children as much as children need their mother. By destroying this connection, you’re causing tears in the family unit all for selfish reasons or some sense of altruism because women are different from men.

What would fix all of this would be a return to biblical relationships. For those who aren’t convinced with the biblical argument here’s another. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. We’ve had a system centuries that worked well and produced strong people, families, and societies. Let’s go back to what worked.

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  1. George, you have hit the nail on the head in this column. How sad the letter you copied and how good your advice. As an old man writing to you, keep your understanding of marriage and fatherhood as you have so well stated them.

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