That Didn’t Go As Planned

On April 2, 2021, the MLB announced that it will be moving the All-Star game and Draft out of Atlanta this year because of Georgia’s new voting laws.

The thing is, the new Georgia law isn’t restricting peoples access to the ballot box. These are just a few changes that most states have.

What seems to be the biggest point of contention is that the new law requires having and I.D. to vote. There’s a great irony here. In order to attend games, you have to show proof of vaccination.

Reportedly, it appears that the MLB will be moving their All-Star game to Coors stadium of the Rockies in Colorado.

There’s a little hiccup with this plan. Colorado also requires I.D. to vote, has two less days for early voting, has signature verification for mail in ballots, (which Georgia got rid of) and also prohibits campaign workers from handing out foodld, water, and such thins within 100ft of a polling place.

So, one question remains. Does the MLB actually believe what it says or was it just grandstanding based off of false information?

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