Consistency Is Key

Recently a man named Daunte Wright was shot and killed in a police interaction. (Here is the footage.)

As you can tell in the footage, the officer that shoots Daunte believes that they have pulled their taser instead of their firearm. While this is a bad mistake, this doesn’t automatically make it a “bad” shooting.

Last year, we had a well known case that is pretty similar to this one. If you remember the name Jacob Blake, he was a man who was shot after getting away from the police and trying to reenter his vehicle. Almost all the right came out in support of the shooting. Especially when it was revealed that there was a knife in the vehicle.

This case is very much similar to that one. The thing is, we as humans, always try to critique the actions of others through the benefit of hindsight. We almost never look at things how they are. The fact of the matter is, if you have someone who is resisting arrest they are very dangerous to yourself and those around you. Then, if they get away from you, they can do anything. Their potential for danger to you and others is rising by the second. Finally, if they go into a vehicle then the danger is through the roof. You don’t know what’s in that vehicle (if you haven’t searched it), they could attack you with a knife, or a gun. Even in the “best” scenario they drive away, but then you’re on a high speed chase endangering civilians.

My point here is, if you defended the shooting of Jacob Blake, you should not be so quick to call for the head of the officer in this case.

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