Modern Modesty

2020, unsurprisingly, produced few noteworthy films, which no doubt left little interest for what this year’s Oscars had in store. Regardless of the year, however, my eye is more likely to be on what strange and over-the-top outfits the actors will choose to don.

Cutouts seemed to be a popular look this year as a decent number of actresses such as Zendaya and Ariana DeBose wandered the red carpet with random bits of exposed torso.

Ariana DeBose

At times it felt like a contest to see who could reveal the most skin whilst still considering their apparel a dress. The gown becomes less of a showpiece and more of a frame to show off the body underneath. This isn’t isolated to Hollywood, either. When looking at wedding dress trends of the last few years, many of the styles I encountered had sheer lace bodices and left little hidden. Not to mention how normal it is to see a woman walking down the street in the summer in a top barely more than a bra. But does this obsession with showing off our bodies a sign that we value our bodies or is it the opposite?

The things we value most we often desire to keep safe, out of the sight and reach of those we do not trust to properly care for them. So why is this culture so quick to encourage girls to expose so much of themselves to just anyone? Why do we tell girls this is how they respect and love their bodies? Is it really empowering to give away your bodies to people you wouldn’t even trust to watch your pet?

Perhaps it’s time to set higher standards for how we dress, perhaps it’s time to examine why we wear what we wear, perhaps it’s time to bring dignity, grace, and modesty back into our wardrobes.

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  1. Perhaps it’s time to understand that women can dress how they want, and this kind of judgement is just gross. Who cares if women show skin? The problem lies entirely with people who think this is somehow lacking morality.

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