The Futility Of The Lockdowns

The New York Post released two articles recently showing that the Covid lockdowns have done next to nothing except for putting people out of work.

One article primarily cites the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a mixture of other sources such as college scholars and professors, while the other primarily cites Wallethub which is a personal finance website.

They both come to the same conclusion, there wasn’t anything we could do to control this.

How Wallethub determined the rankings of states to run this study was that it assigned a numerical value to the Covid restrictions put in place. Meaning that things like shelter in place, school closings, mask mandates, were all given a number and added up. Those with the highest number would be like CA, NY, NJ, ect and those with the lowest would be FL, SD, UT ect.

Wallethub started the rankings last May, giving NJ and NY the highest lockdown ratings and giving SD and UT the lowest. After a year, in March NJ rate was 2,656 deaths per 1 million, NY was 2,500 per 1 million residents. On the flip side SD had 2,149 deaths per 1 million and UT 617.

The average for high lockdown states is now 1,500 d/m after a year. The average for low lockdown states was also 1,500 d/m.

All this means, ultimately in the end, we’ve sacrificed everything for nothing. “15 days to slow the spread”, turned into over a year long escapade that, as we’ve seen recently with the CDC and teachers unions, was run off off either unscientific fear, control by special interest groups, or both.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Benjamin Franklin was a prophet! A very interesting study, thanks for bringing that to our attention, while all this water is over the dam, hopefully in the future, there will be learning from the history we are creating in this pandemic.

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