Gas Leaks, Pipeline Shutdown, Cyber attack, Oh My!

As many people are aware of now, (especially if you live in the golf and east coast states) the Colonial pipeline was shutdown Friday, May 7th after a reported cyber attack.

The hackers stole around 100GB of data and reportedly used ransomware to lock systems, demanding payment afterwards.

The hacker group is called DarkSide and is believed to be Russian or have ties to Russia. The group said that it’s goal is to make money, not create problems for society. Meaning they don’t care about the geopolitics of America and Russia.

Colonial shutdown operations as a precaution after the hack. It is unclear whether or not they have paid the ransom but they are resuming operations currently.

Notably, this is the same pipeline that has a bad history with safety. Not just with security, but environmently.

Last year in August, two teens of Huntersville, NC found a leak in the pipeline which could be the biggest in American history.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality gave a press release saying that Colonial had told them that the most recent estimate of 1.2 million gallons was “no longer accurate and that the model used was no longer appropriate.”

This is been a trend with Colonial. With this current leak, it was originally believed to be 63,000 gallons, which evolved into 250,000. After seeing this and other issues with Colonial’s reporting, NC DEQ told them to run the numbers again, which gives us the current number of 1.2 million.

Again, NC DEQ is seeing issues with the reporting of this number because Colonial has said that they’ve recovered 944,400 gallons of gasoline from the spill site, as well as 1.15 million gallons of petroleum contact water.

“It is unacceptable that for eight months Colonial Pipeline has been unable to provide a reliable accounting of the amount of gasoline released into this community,” said DEQ Secretary Dionne Delli-Gatti, within the press release. “We will take all necessary steps and exercise all available authority to hold Colonial Pipeline accountable for what has become one of the largest gasoline spills in the country.”

The pipeline is the cause all but six of the spills in NC since 2000, it’s also the cause of 272 of the spills nationwide since then as well.

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