Appointment Hearing Hot Seat

By: George William

Today, (May, 26) David Chipman was being interviewed by Senate Committee ahead of the vote to appoint him to the head of the ATF.

There was a lot of back a fourth between David Chipman and the Senators. Here are some clips.

Here Senator Tom Cotton (AR) presses Chipman if he’ll prosecute Hunter Biden for lying on a background check.
Again Senator Tom Cotton (AR) is pressing Chipman. This time to define what an assault weapon is.
Senator Ted Cruz (TX) asks Chipman if he still supports a ban on the AR-15 as he’s stated in the past
Senator John Kennedy is also asking Chipman to define what an assault weapon is.

Gun Owner’s Of America (GOA) Director of Federal Affairs, Aidan Johnston, tweeted: “Sen. John Cornyn asked ‘is a law-abiding gun owner a threat to public safety?’ David Chipman’s first response was to point out that law abiding gun owners can ‘go on to commit violent crime[s].’ That’s the lens through which this ATF Director Nominee views gun owners.”

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