Scientific Research Shows What Gets Life Going

By: George William

On Sunday, LifeNews reported on research done by the Department of Genetics at Yale University who’s goal was to find out what gets life started in the womb.

Antonio Giraldez, who is on the research team said, “What hasn’t been clear is how and what kick-starts the transcriptional activity of the embryonic genome, so that the embryo starts taking control of its own development with its own genetic blueprint,”

The team used zebrafish embyos to figure out what gets chromosomes from the egg and sperm going and that is two proteins called P300 and BrD4. If one or both of these is inhibited or stoped, then the embryo cannot start it’s life.

“These molecular factors act as a sort of molecular timer, which sets the timing of genome’s awakening,” Dr Giraldez said. “Finding these key factors involved in genome activation serve as the critical first step towards our understanding of how life begins.”

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