The Moral Teacher

By: Real Truth Cactus

There are two primary types of people who chose to enter the academic field: people who want the perceived benefits of being a teacher (hours, holidays, job security, etc), and people who feel like educating the young generation is their calling. There is very little in-between. Every parent wants their child to be taught by a passionate teacher who loves their subject and loves teaching. However, this is a high risk, high reward choice, and it all comes down to the morals of the teacher.

The impact of ideology on teachers and their educational style can be seen in the online fall-out after the Loudon County School Board meeting. On June 22, the event became raucous during the public comment session. Parents and teachers argued both for and against critical race theory (CRT) and the treatment of transgender students. The social media clamor following the event demonstrates a troubling trend. Referencing photographs of angry commentators from the event, Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentential tweeted, “These are the people who want to decide how children should be educated. Quite the role models. And one wonders how many times they ever stepped into schools to do things like volunteer before they stormed in to start screaming”.

A former teacher by the handle of Peggy T commented on an inquiry as to whether or not CRT is actually taught in public schools, saying, “No, it’s not taught in k-12. As far as having any of these people volunteer in school…..retired now, but I wouldn’t want any of these people near my students”.

Both comments are very interesting. Both a former teacher and a newspaper editor claim that they would not want such people influencing students. Do they not realize that public comments are coming from parents, grandparents, or guardians? The people who are, or should be, the most invested and influencing in a child’s life? Where do teachers get off thinking that they know what is best for the child than the parents?

This phenomenon of teachers claiming to have more rights over the intellectual and psychological influence of the students that pass through their classroom is not a new one. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced teachers and students to adopt a digital classroom practice, a practice that the Washington Post claims has put a strain on the parent-teacher relationship. During this period, teachers were no longer free to speak however they pleased since a parent might be near-by to comment or criticize.

Teachers claimed that parents being present made it more difficult for them to teach effectively and many rallied to ask that parents be barred from Zoom classrooms. This then begs the question, what are the teachers doing in the classroom that they do not want the parents to be present for? It is not just teachers who belittle parents. San Francisco Bay board members were forced to resign after they were caught bad-mouthing parents before a virtual board meeting. Why does it seem that the whole educational system wants to oust parents and guardians from the equation?

It comes down to the system in which teachers and educators are made. I am currently enrolled in a master’s program for education, and I can bring a first-hand account as to the systematic distrust of parents that is ingrained into the minds of future educators from the outset. In some cases, this is very warranted distrust. According to the Resource Center for Domestic Violence (RCDV), approximately 683,000 children were officially documented as being maltreated in the United States in 2015. And these are just the documented cases. Often, someone in the classroom will be the first to report on instances of domestic violence. Teachers go through rigorous training to be able to identify these instances of abuse to protect students. Obviously, this is very much needed. Children should never have to remain in an abusive situation.

This idea that teachers need to protect the students from their own parents does not remain at the physiological level. While some may deny that CRT has taken hold of primary and secondary education, it is thoroughly ingrained in the ivory tower. Prospective teachers are forced to attend “Recognizing Racism” and “Know Your Own Bias” seminars, which utilize techniques from Marxists like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo. Teachers are taught that they are the frontline warriors who need to rectify the system. Parents and guardians, with their antiquated ideas of colorblindness and binary gender ideology, just get in the way.

Education is not meant simply to impart knowledge. Even the word knowledge itself derives from the Greek word, gnosis, which signifies spiritual knowledge or insight. Morality cannot be separated from knowledge itself. Once traditional Judeo-Christian values were associated with “intolerance”, they needed to be excised from the classroom. Yet, in the pursuit of tolerance, choice, and freedom of speech, the limit of the maxim was reached.

As Greek Philosopher Aristotle postulated, nature abhors a vacuum. When America removed the Judeo-Christian moral tradition from the classroom, something eventually was bound to take its place. Today, the neo-Marxist religion founded on CRT, where victimhood and intersectionality indicate the moral hierarchy, old trad parents and guardians must be cast aside in order to convert the new generation. If parents and guardians are adhering to the old way of thinking, a way of thinking that is perceived as dangerous, then the teachers are morally obligated to protect their students from their own parents.

Despite that, not all educators adhere to the new “woke-ology”. There are a significant number of teachers who do feel called to have a positive impact on the lives of their students but retain the traditional Judeo-Christian moral compass. They are however, a dying breed for two primary reasons. The first and most noteworthy cause is the aggressive demand for pedagogical uniformity in regard to morality within the halls of education. If a teacher demonstrates anything that cuts against the grain in even a small way, such as supporting the sitting Republican US President, the teacher’s job may likely be at stake. Numerous teachers across the country have lost their careers for expressing “politically incorrect” ideology. Such was the case for Justin Kucera, a Michigan high school teacher who lost his job after Tweeting support for then President Donald J. Trump. This leads to the second cause of the loss of traditionally moral educators. After witnessing their colleagues be stripped of their livelihood and social standings, fellow teachers either need to shut up or get with the program. This coercive censorship forces traditionally moral teachers to keep their morality close to their chest or “go along to get along”. Before long, the traditionally moral teacher may be a thing of the past.

Teachers can be a good and effective model in the lives of students and teachers who enter the field of education to impact the lives of children are commendable. Nevertheless, when such teachers are shaped by CRT and woke pedagogy, they may ultimately do more harm than good to the students they teach. This new moral code is aggressive and all-consuming. It has given some teachers an undue sense that they should have more control over students than their own parents.

Today’s parents should ask themselves a very important question, “Do I want my child subjected to such education?” If the answer is no, parents have one sustainable option – pull your children out of the public school system. As a current public-school teacher, myself, please, parents, heed this warning. More and more teachers are being indoctrinated with CRT. The new-Marxist religion is coming to the schools and the new teachers will impart their beliefs onto your children. Christian parents, especially, should consider this very carefully. If you want your children to retain traditional moral values, they will not get that in public school. You cannot hope and pray enough that they will be surrounded by the outlying traditionally moral teacher. Not anymore.

If you send your children to Caesar for eight hours a day, every day, do not be surprised when they come home as Romans.

Published by Jessica Holmes

The truth, like cacti, can sometimes cause discomfort. Background cactus for #Verdict with Ted Cruz, Michael Knowles, and Liz Wheeler. Western Conservative Summit 2022 Speaker. DAP Contributor. Educator.

One thought on “The Moral Teacher

  1. Interesting article.
    My son came home from school last week and said he was in trouble from his history teacher because he corrected her on being factually incorrect on what she was teaching about WW1.
    According to her Hitler and the Nazi’s were in power and the war began with the invasion of Poland. She was a few decades out on that one.
    He told her WW1 was the first industrialised war and came about due in part to the political climate of that era. The trigger for war was given to put in his words, ‘That bloke getting offed by that Black Hand gang.’ He said Hitler was a corporal in WW1 and rose to power in the 1930’s before WW2 started.
    So he got detention which he ignored and then sent to the office to explain himself. Which he did. That got him being told to be respectful to the teacher and to not question out loud things that may be wrong and take it up with her privately.
    My question was and is, that if the teacher is inept then the knowledge being taught is faulty, so in a classroom discussion these things should be raised and questioned to prevent the teaching of garbage.
    That is the problem in my country’s education system is that we have a lot of ill-educated teachers who do not even care to do some decent lesson prep and ideological woke teachers who promote their beliefs in the classroom rather than just teaching the things they should.
    What amazed me was my boy, despite me being unaware, had paid attention to some of our conversations on the world wars, and had actually remembered some of it.

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