Australia’s New Lockdown Policies

By: George William

New South Wales of Australia has updated it’s lockdown restrictions. Overall the lockdown was pushed back to the end of September, new masking rules, and updates to the stay at home order.

The rules for the stay at home order are as follows:

  • shopping for essential items (one person only within LGA/5km)
  • care and compassionate reasons (one visitor only)
  • exercise (in groups no more than 2 – excluding groups of household members, within 5km or within LGA. No outdoor recreation)
  • work and education that cannot be conducted remotely

With the new lockdown rules, if one lives in a LGA of concern, here are the additional rules one must observe:

  • must wear a mask at all times outside the house
  • 9pm to 5am curfew (as of August 23)
  • exercise limited to one hour per day (as of August 23)
  • must not go further than 5km from the home for exercise, shopping or single bubble visits
  • must not leave their LGA for work except for emergency services and healthcare workers (including aged and disability workers)
  • childcare workers and disability workers in the LGA must have their first vaccine dose by August 30
  • authorised workers must carry a Service NSW permit
  • construction workers can attend unoccupied sites if they meet vaccination conditions

On top of all this, the police were given new powers that will allow them to lockdown apartment blocks, a residential premise can be lockdown and those inside must cooperate with compliance checks. Finally, people may be finned $1,000 if they are from a LGA not in concern and found in a LGA that is in concern.

Here is a video of the news in Australia.

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