Most Proclaiming Christians Aren’t Biblically Sound

By: George William

In a study done by Probe Ministries of 3,100 people between the ages of 18-55 who proclaim themselves born again Christians, more than 60% say that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation and over 30% say they either believe that Jesus sinned just like other people when He lived on Earth or aren’t sure.

When looking at studies from 2010, it showed that there was a drop in “basic biblical worldview” — God’s attributes, the accuracy of the Bible, salvation and Jesus being sinless — from 47% in 2010 to 25% in 2020.

The drop in the “expanded biblical worldview” — beliefs about Satan and morals being objective — went from 32% in 2010 to 16% in 2020.

“So, the percentage of Born Again Christians with a biblical worldview (of either type) has been cut in half over the last decade,” says the study. “This result is a startling degradation in worldview beliefs of Born Again Christians over just 10 years.”

“Pastors and church leaders just can’t assume any longer that the members of their church or Christian organization have a biblical worldview.” said Kerby Anderson, president of Probe Ministries.

“These disturbing trends are, yes, due to pastors not consistently teaching biblical theory. But they can also be attributed to young Christians who are not paying attention, who are focused — nearly exclusively, it seems — on their phones, social media and other content they deem more compelling,” he said.

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