Taiwan Experiences Covid Vaccine Issues

By: George William

On Oct. 7th deaths from Covid-19 vaccines, numbering 852, have surpassed deaths from Covid-19, numbering 844, in Taiwan.

The death toll after vaccination with AZ reached 643; the death toll after vaccination with Moderna was 183, and the death toll after vaccination with Taiwan’s self-produced “Medigen” vaccine was 22.

In a Facebook post the Kuomintang legislator Yeh,Yu-Lan, said the vaccine given to save lives has also nearly doubled the number of deaths due to the COVID-19.

In the “Notice of Adverse Events after COVID-19 Vaccination” issued by the Taiwan authorities yesterday, the authorities have also been emphasizing that “(this document) itself cannot explain or be used to derive the existence or seriousness of vaccine-related problems. Conclusion of degree, frequency or incidence.”

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