Are Masks Immoral?

By: George William

Along the discussion of if masks are useful or not, there’s been another one on if wearing one is right/wrong, moral or immoral.

There are broad thoughts on this topic. From wearing one is always, absolutely immoral, to thinking they’re useless but for those who want to wear them can, to it being an absolute moral obligation to wear them, otherwise you’re killing grandma.

In this, I will not discuss the usefulness of masks nor am I picking a side. Just breaking down my understanding of one side of it. If you want to read all about everything related to Covid, click here.

For those who argue that masks are immoral, I can understand where they’re coming from and there are many reasons why one would think this way.

The first thing that comes to mind is that, almost no one would have been wearing masks past the initial two weeks if people were not coerced or forced into doing so. So, to partake in something that was wrongfully brought about, is wrong.

Secondly, almost across the board, the only people still wearing masks today, are those on the opposite end of the spectrum and say it is a moral obligation. With that dichotomy, one side saying it’s a moral obligation, you’re going to have those that day the opposite. Only question is, the chicken or the egg?

Thirdly and lastly, masks are the gateway to everything after, the lockdowns that lead to massive jobless, record high opioid deaths, and things like Australia arresting people with Covid and throwing into quarantine camps.

With things like these, is it any wonder why people would think wearing masks is immoral? It gives the impression of either being for these things or at least complacent in them.

You may argue that is the wrong way to go about the situation. That’s perfectly fine, as I said, I’m not taking a side. I’m just laying out what I believe to be the argument and thoughts of those who do think this so that you, the reader, may better understand this, most likely, minority of people.

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