Life Inside The Howard Springs Covid Camp

By: George William

Hayley Hodgson, 26, a Darwin resident in the Northern Territory and Australian citizen has reached out to speak of her experience in the Howard Springs Covid camp in Australia.

In this interview with UnHerd, Hayley says that the police showed up to her down after finding out that she had been with a friend recently who had just tested positive for the disease. “So how it all started was a friend of mine went to work and got tested for Covid he have a little bit of a cold, tested positive. He got put into this quarantine camp and then we went about our days as normal and then the investigators starting to knock on our doors and stuff like that.”

When asked how the police found her, she says that she has a scooter and they used cameras to see that she had been with her friend, ran her plates and that’s how they knew where she lived.

When informed that Hayley would be going to a camp she was given two options, to be taken by the police and receive a $5,000 fine or to have a “Covid Cab” come and take her.

When at the camp, she was threatened with another $5,000 fine because she had stepped outside her quarantine area without wearing a mask. Hayley managed to secretly record this exchange.

In this interview, after showing the video inside the camp of when she was threated with a fine, the interviewer asks how this made her feel. Hayley recounts, “It’s horrible it’s a horrible feeling, you feel like you’re in prison you feel like you’ve done something wrong. It’s inhumane what they’re doing. You are so small they just overpower you and you’re literally nothing it’s like ‘you do what we say or you’re in trouble will lock you up for longer.'”

When being confined was getting to her, Hayley asked if she could just go on a walk or run because of the anxiety she was feeling. She was then prescribed Valium and was told to call the doctor whenever she wanted any.

After leaving the facility, Hayley found out that she had lost her job at the retail store because she was gone for the two weeks and only received $1,200 in compensation. She is now currently unemployed.

Hayley says that what’s next for her is to get a job and just spread the word and tell people what’s really going on in these camps. “…find a job that’s definitely and really want to get awareness out to what is going on. These camps are getting built all over the world. I know there’s another one getting built in Victoria at the moment and as I said, it doesn’t matter if you’re not vaccinated, whether you have one dosage of the vaccination or two. It doesn’t matter your vaccination status, you can get sent to these camps if you are of close contact like I was.”

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  1. It always begins with small things and then grows. Using fear and intimidation works only so long as the bulk of population is compliant. After that there is always blood in the streets.

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