Food Prices Projected To Continue To Soar

By: George William

The Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University says it now appears fertilizer prices will increase more than 80% for the 2022 planting season relative to last year.

The impacts of the price increase to growers are substantial. The Center says the largest whole-farm impact would fall on its representative feed grain farms. The impact on those farms is an average of $128,000 per farm. The Center says the largest per-acre impact would fall on its representative rice farms at $62.04 per acre.

A major U.S. nitrogen producer has petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission to impose tariffs on nitrogen fertilizers imported from Trinidad and Tobago and Russia. The Commerce Department has released a preliminary finding recommending tariffs.

There are concerns that raising tariffs on nitrogen will create shortages and cause prices to increase even more for farmers.

Texas farmers are facing the prospect of a huge increase in costs heading into the spring planting season.

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