The Vanity Of Man

By: George William

I have unexpectedly come into some money recently, and I as someone who knows the truth and accepts Christ Jesus as my Lord and savior recognize this as a blessing from God. As I meditate on this blessing I can find myself thinking, “Wow, I must be doing something right”. This is false and disgusting.

I have to remind myself that all of the “good works” I’ve done in my life are nothing but dirty rags before the Lord. (Isaiah 64:6) Here’s the real kicker, even as I recognize this, even as I try to only make it about God and thank Him and praise Him for what He has done for me, I still find ways to make it about myself.

For example, when I was first making this observation I was at the gas station and made a post on Twitter about it. I wanted the other believers I know to take my struggle to heart and use it to strengthen themselves.

A few minutes later I was checking my phone to see who liked what I said, who recognized my righteousness as it were. I am still checking my phone periodically almost as if it’s an action that’s as necessary as breathing. One could argue that I’m still doing the same thing here.

Why am I drawn to this repulsive action? I wouldn’t do this with the people I know. That would make me narcissistic and a person others wouldn’t want to be around.

I have the answer. It’s because we’re rotten and sinful to the core. As we know from Mark 10-18 and Romans 3:9-11 that none are good except God.

As always, there is good news, there is redemption and goodness and freedom from that sin through Christ Jesus. Through Him, one can come to the Father (John 14:6). From the Father, the Spirit. Finally through the Spirit, live a life of victory over sin until the end when we shall be good in eternity with God.

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