In Fairfax County, Virginia, Offenses Such As ‘Malicious Misgendering’ at the Same Level as Assault and Battery.

By: George William

Fairfax’s proposed changes, set to be approved May 26. Offenses such as “malicious misgendering” and “outing related to gender identification” would be now punishable by up to “Level 4” sanctions. It’s the last level before penalties for drug dealing, rape, and homicide.

Level 4 is the punishment meted out for assault and battery, drug consumption, theft, and arson. These penalties may be applied even to kindergarteners and include, at their worst, expulsion at the behest of the school board.

This is accompanied by the school board sex-ed committee’s latest, unanimous April 2022 vote to move instruction on gender identity down to elementary school.

The school has been headed in this direction for a long time. The Fairfax County School Board in 2018, voted against overwhelming community input to change the terminology of biological sex to “sex assigned at birth.”

The 2019 Democrat wins in Virginia, resulted in further erosion of parental rights in Fairfax County. The new Transgender Policy (R2603.2) establishes a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary support and gender transition team for Fairfax County students.

This team can be formed and operate in secret, without the parents ever being made aware. The policy dictates that parents may be involved in a child’s gender transition team “if the student is willing.” It further stipulates that “a persistent refusal to use a student’s chosen name and pronouns constitutes discrimination”—again, a sanctionable offense for students and teachers alike.

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