LGBTP… Pedophile?

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By: George William

It doesn’t require a long memory to recall the era before legal gay “marriage”. Many proponents for the radical redefinition of marriage used the common, libertarian trope – it is a personal decision. It doesn’t affect anyone but the individuals involved in the union. So why be against it? While there are many reasons to oppose the breakdown of the most core political institution of society, I will be honing in on the concern for “degeneracy” that is a direct consequence of redefining marriage.

This is referred to as the “slippery slope” argument. For those who are new to the term or do not know the definition, a slippery slope argument proposes that, while one decision may appear innocuous, it is the opening to gradually more complex and egregious decisions that carefully and then, all at once, slide one off a cliff. Oftentimes, the slippery slope argument is dismissed out of hand, termed a logical fallacy by anyone who is too nearsighted to determine far-reaching consequences. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a logical fallacy is an argument that can be disproved through reasoning. For example, a common logical fallacy is “circular logic”, which is where someone begins with the reasoning they are also attempting to conclude with, assuming their point. For example, someone engaging in circular logic may say, “President Reagan was a great communicator because he had the knack of talking effectively to the people.” Another common logical fallacy we see often today is the No True Scotsman (NTS) fallacy, which is an appeal to purity fallacy. This is where a person claims that another individual truly does not believe in a particular issue because they do not agree with certain minutiae. For example, an aggressive Tweeter may say, “You’re not really pro-life if you support the death penalty and are against universal healthcare.”

Strangely enough, the slippery slope argument has found itself classed among actual fallacies, particularly in social media circles. In this way, many will dismiss a concern or objection to certain “slippery slope” behaviors to avoid addressing the raised objections and any uncomfortable realities therein.

The problem here is that gay marriage has been a slippery slope into one of the greatest degeneracies of any age – pedophilia. This is not a small claim. It is a claim backed by evidence and reasoning, which we will shortly go through to see how the seemingly innocuous claim of “love is love” has now led society down a slope to people pushing for pedophilia to be accepted as a normal form of sexuality. Worse yet, no action taken against such people for praying on children.

Let us first address the libertarian claim that “gay marriage doesn’t hurt anyone”. Many even argued that the definition of marriage would have no impact on religious communities. Yet, in the middle of the national debate on legalizing gay marriage, a gay couple sued a Christian cake shop owner for discrimination in 2014. It took years of legal battling for the case to come to a final close in 2018.

Then, they claimed that it would stay in the bedroom. That it would have no impact on children. Yet, California made it mandatory for schools to teach “gay history” in 2011. Huffpo said in 2013, “5 Reasons Schools Should Adopt LGBTQ-inclusive Sex Ed.” The Guardian then advocated in 2015 with “Schools should teach positive portrayal of same-sex relationships“.

Each false promise failed to hold water for even a moment. Before the argument could possibly be made that such topics were legitimate for high school students, now kids in kindergarten are being shown graphic pictures of genitalia. Many such curricula include radical gender ideology and suggest to kids that “a lot of times people with these parts are called boys/girls, (depending on the slide being shown) but any gender and kid can any type of body.”

Fortunately, not all parents have stood idly by. Many parents have confrotned school boards on the sexually explicit content found in the school libraries or curricula. In September of 2021, after hearing about the presence of pornographic material in other school libraries, a Fairfax county mom looked into her own child’s school library only to find that these same, horrifically graphic novels were available in Fairfax County, TX. And there was no denying the pornographic nature of these novels, with graphics statements like “I can’t wait to have your c**k in my mouth. I am going to give you the b**w job of your life and then I want you inside me” buried between the pages.

The horror show did not end there. A similar story was reported in March of this year at a Cherokee County School Board meeting in Tennessee.

In May, another mom was shut down, this time in Las Vegas, where she read to the school board her 15-year-old daughter’s class assignment that she was to memorize and perform in front of the class. “I don’t love you. It’s not you, it’s just, I don’t like your d—- — or any d—- in that case. I cheated, Joe.”

In British Columbia, in the same month, kindergartners were sent home with a masturbation assignment.

Slowly and then all at once, children have been surrounded by lecherous and pornographic material and curricula in their schools. Worse still, the problem does not even stop behind the walls of the ivory tower. Leaked from an all-hands Disney zoom meeting, it was revealed that the once-beloved franchise has a “not at all secret gay agenda.”

In April, Discovery announced that it will have a show on its streaming platform called “Generation Drag”, which documents the promiscuous lives of “children in drag”.

In June, a gay bar in Dallas hosted a drag show for “all ages”. And all ages were there. Not only were kids in attendance, but they participated as well.

Incident after incident. The evidence is piling up. These are not isolated. These are not rare radicals.

This, sadly, is becoming the norm.

The evidence does not end with drag shows. Educators and adult influencers have taken great pains not only to expose these young children to sex, and sexual acts from a very young age, but to confuse them about their very biology from the earliest age.

The seeds planted, these adults groom the uncertainty of doubt and worry until it manifests as a mental disorder where the only “cure” is to surgically remove body parts and permanently alter one’s body chemistry with puberty blockers.

Again, these are not isolated incidents. Dr. Norman Spack gave a TED talk in 2013 talking about how he gave puberty blockers to a 13-year-old. Trans activist is even so bold as to devise a plan to illegally distribute medical transition pharmaceuticals to young children in states that are trying to make such drugs illegal.

Now, you might be wondering, how does all this culminate into the normalization of pedophilia?

Because it’s all about sex.

It is about shedding off the mortal coil of the “western colonialist” stigmatization of sex. All sex is good sex because there is no standard for sex. The removal of the standard removes all barriers. Now anything and everything is fair game.

This isn’t the first time that the elimination of standards has caused a toll on society. We have seen the same detrimental effect of the elimination of standards as seen in modern art. Who hasn’t walked into a gallery and seen a ridiculous painting that a three-year-old could have done being sold for millions of dollars? The good standard for art has long since died. Now anything and everything is fair game. Even a lame pile of empty cans.

This is why they go after young children. Many on the left are caught up in the old Lockean idea that children are “blank slates”. They believe that children need to be to be taught to undo the natural wiring of “western colonialist” ideas by properly confronting those ideas when they’re young. So, as the children grow up, they can be who they truly are, without the negative influence of “western colonialist” ideas.

And then, once you say that young children, as young as three years old, are cognizant enough to make life-altering decisions, such as chemical castration and surgical deformation, who’s to say that they aren’t capable of deciding who they have sex with?

These people say it themselves. They’re not hiding the ball. They want to normalize pedophilia as just another perfectly acceptable sexual orientation.

It didn’t take long for them to normalize gay marriage. And it won’t take them long now. We’ll be a country of 8-year-olds, going through chemical transition, performing at drag shows, and having sex with 32-year-old adults.

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  1. Good Lord! As young as three! These kids are at the age when they’re eating boogers and dog food! How in God’s name can they rationally consent to sex or decide for themselves what gender they are if they can’t yet make rational decisions on what to put in their little mouths! The Left is sick and twisted! This is pure evil! There’s no other way to describe it! Evil!

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