Pfizer follows Google in barring Whites and Asians from fellowship program

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By: George William

Pfizer’s “Breakthrough Fellowship” , as reported on by the Washington Free Beacon, offers college students multiple internships, a fully funded master’s degree, and several years of employment at the pharmaceutical giant. It also restricts applications to “Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic and Native American” students, the fellowship requirements state.

Here is a list of other requirements on must meet for the fellowship.

The FAQ section about the program has an answer for those who don’t meet the racial requirements.

As a legal matter, that view is questionable. Some companies have scrapped race-conscious programs in the wake of discrimination lawsuits, which—when they involve overt racial quotas—typically succeed. Even the threat of a lawsuit can pay dividends: Last year, for example, the American Civil Rights Project sent Coca-Cola a letter demanding that it drop a requirement that law firms working with the company staff at least 30 percent of their teams with “diverse lawyers.” In a memo to shareholders in February, Coca-Cola announced it was backing away from the policy.

Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment.

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