Divorce Won’t Solve The Problem

By: George William I’ll come out and admit this right away that I’m not a governmental expert so take what I say with a grain of salt. Recently there has been a growing call for either a “national divorce“, for areas of one state to change to another or to create new states out ofContinue reading “Divorce Won’t Solve The Problem”

Top 5 Worldly Things To Teach Your Kids

By: George William Humans are inherently evil- In my observations, those who think people are inherently good or a mixture of the two, have a hard time grasping how people do evil things. They tend to believe that there must be some societal injustice that has occurred for the evil thing to have happened. ThisContinue reading “Top 5 Worldly Things To Teach Your Kids”

How The Country Is Supposed To Work

As we know, several states have disregarded federal law and passed laws that have made drugs legal and barred public officials (such as police) from working with the feds on illegal immigration. Many conservative states are deciding to do the same with gun laws. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was the first to sign such legislation.Continue reading “How The Country Is Supposed To Work”

It’s Now Wrong To Be A Mother

Today I read a letter written to an advice column sort of thing. There are several things to be taken from this but the main ones that I want to focus on is the destruction of marriage and motherhood. Firstly, a good, strong marriage is one that is rooted in God. With that comes specificContinue reading “It’s Now Wrong To Be A Mother”