Life Inside The Howard Springs Covid Camp

By: George William Hayley Hodgson, 26, a Darwin resident in the Northern Territory and Australian citizen has reached out to speak of her experience in the Howard Springs Covid camp in Australia. In this interview with UnHerd, Hayley says that the police showed up to her down after finding out that she had been withContinue reading “Life Inside The Howard Springs Covid Camp”

People Escape Australia Covid Quarantine Facility

By: George William Northern Territory Police have arrested three people who they say scaled a fence and escaped from Darwin’s Howard Springs COVID-19 quarantine facility this morning.  “At 4:40am, it was reported that three people from the Centre for National Resilience scaled the fence and fled the area,” an earlier statement from NT Police reads. “Police andContinue reading “People Escape Australia Covid Quarantine Facility”

Australia’s New Lockdown Policies

By: George William New South Wales of Australia has updated it’s lockdown restrictions. Overall the lockdown was pushed back to the end of September, new masking rules, and updates to the stay at home order. The rules for the stay at home order are as follows: shopping for essential items (one person only within LGA/5km)Continue reading “Australia’s New Lockdown Policies”

Lockdowns, Yesterday, Today, Forever

By: George William The Scottish Government is seeking to make it’s emergency powers to combat Covid permanent. Currently the government is requesting the public’s opinion on removing the expiration date on the measures. Most of the measures are due to end in March 2022. “The proposal is, therefore, to give the Scottish ministers the sameContinue reading “Lockdowns, Yesterday, Today, Forever”