DoH has Recently Created A “Disinformation Governance Board”

By: George William (PM)- The Department of Homeland Security is setting up a new board designed to counter misinformation related to homeland security, with a focus specifically on Russia and irregular migration. The board will be called the “Disinformation Governance Board, and will be headed by executive director Nina Jankowicz. Speaking with the House AppropriationsContinue reading “DoH has Recently Created A “Disinformation Governance Board””

Senate Confirms Jackson As First Black Woman On U.S. Supreme Court

By: George William April 7 (Reuters) – Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday as the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, a victory for President Joe Biden, who made good on a campaign promise as he seeks to racially diversify the court. The vote to confirm the 51-year-oldContinue reading “Senate Confirms Jackson As First Black Woman On U.S. Supreme Court”

Ketanji Brown Jackson For Supreme Court?

By: George William AP reports Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday that he will vote against confirming the nominee, saying he “cannot and will not” support the groundbreaking nominee for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. While McConnell’s opposition coming only hours after the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up four days of hearingsContinue reading “Ketanji Brown Jackson For Supreme Court?”

Hunter Biden’s Computer Confirmed To Be True By NYT

By: George William On Wednesday night, the New York times reported that a comprehensive report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax filings confirmed the existence of the first son’s infamous laptop. In October 2020, The New York Post exclusively reported on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop that he ditched at a Delaware repairContinue reading “Hunter Biden’s Computer Confirmed To Be True By NYT”