Chauvin Denied Right To Lawyer

By: George William Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was denied his request to have a public defender by the Minnesota Supreme Court. According to the AP, The high court said Chauvin has not established that he is entitled to a public defender. The court came to the conclusion that Chauvin did not need aContinue reading “Chauvin Denied Right To Lawyer”

So The Shoe Has Dropped

The George Floyd case has been all but finalized. Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all charges. (Manslaughter, 3rd Degree murder, 2nd Degree murder.) Personally, I can understand him being found guilty for manslaughter. However, guilty on all counts is completely wrong, if you listened to BOTH sides of the case. What this message sendsContinue reading “So The Shoe Has Dropped”