What Are Natural Rights?

By: George William Here in the United Sates, there is a philosophy we take very seriously. That is the philosophy of natural rights and natural law. We do have a very serious problem however, and that is most Americans don’t know what any of this means. If you were to take most people and askContinue reading “What Are Natural Rights?”

Christ Like Forgiveness Pt. 2

By: George William Last week I wrote an article about Paul discussing how evil he actually was before his conversion, yet he was forgiven by the disciples, and how we hate those who’ve done far less. This week, I will discuss how we are commanded to forgive. Matthew 18:21-35 tells the parable of the unforgivingContinue reading “Christ Like Forgiveness Pt. 2”

Christ Like Forgiveness Pt. 1

By: George William My pastor this week gave a really good sermon on Acts 9:19-31. (Sermon is not uploaded yet. Will update when available.) For those who are unfamiliar with the text, this covers Saul’s (Paul’s) conversion and acts afterwards, where in the beginning on the chapter covers his acts of persecuting Christians. Now, weContinue reading “Christ Like Forgiveness Pt. 1”