Florida Seeks To End Disney’s Special Status In The State

By: George William (Tampa Bay)- Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation to have Florida lawmakers consider the termination of special districts established prior to November 1968, specifically targeting the property of Walt Disney World. In his opening remarks during a higher education-focused news conference Tuesday in The Villages, DeSantis said he wishes to expand theContinue reading “Florida Seeks To End Disney’s Special Status In The State”

Mickey Mouse Wokehouse

A bevy of leaked documents from Disney shows that the company has initiated a new program called “Reimagin Tomorrow” with the goal being “diversity and inclusion”. This is all very typical of what you’d expect to see from the anti-racist or Critical Race Theory (CRT) crowd. From the start, employees are told things like, “(AmericaContinue reading “Mickey Mouse Wokehouse”