Who Voted For Inflation And Is Up For 2022 Reelection?

By: George William As we look forward to midterms the most common issues press on our minds as we ponder who we want in office making decisions in the future. A few of those issues being inflation, the stock market barley staying afloat, and the FED raising it’s interest rates. There are two things thatContinue reading “Who Voted For Inflation And Is Up For 2022 Reelection?”

Company That Did Arizona’s Election Audit, Shutting Down

By: George William Sam Levine, a reporter for The Guardian, first reported the news of Cyber Ninjas closing down on Thursday, tweeting that CEO “Doug Logan and the rest of the employees have been let go and Cyber Ninjas is being shut down.” The news followed a Thursday order that Cyber Ninjas turn over public records to TheContinue reading “Company That Did Arizona’s Election Audit, Shutting Down”

More Election Questions (UPDATE)

By: George William (UPDATE) An election official from Fulton County, GA told GA Star News that chain of custody forms are missing. An analysis from Star News using forms and information provided by the county via an open records request shows that 385 forms of an approximate 1,565 are missing. As of April 7, almostContinue reading “More Election Questions (UPDATE)”

All Eyes on Virginia: An Electoral Strategy to win a 2024 Super Majority

By: Theodictator It has been over six months now since President Trump lost his reelection bid and single -handedly lost control of the senate handing progressives full control of the government and with it the power to reshape America as they chose. Already they have passed large spending bills, torn up a plethora of MiddleContinue reading “All Eyes on Virginia: An Electoral Strategy to win a 2024 Super Majority”

A Star, a Faulconer and the “Beast”

Once the West Coast Paradise, California has fallen into disrepair. No longer is California a desirable vacation destination, let alone a place people want to call home. For this reason, and many others, the second recall effort in California since 2003 gained enough support to be carried out. It needed 1.4 million signatures and receivedContinue reading “A Star, a Faulconer and the “Beast””

More Election Questions

As of April 7, almost 60% of the estimated 600,000 absentee ballots counted in Georgia, have no chain of custody documentation from those left in drop boxes. In Michigan, a lawyer by the name of Matt DePerno has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a resident in Antrim Co. after three recount concluded three differentContinue reading “More Election Questions”