Georgia Destroying Baby Formula under USDA guidelines

By: George William The Georgia Department of Public Health is changing a policy that involved formula or WIC-eligible nutritionals that were returned to WIC clinics. The previous policy required the clinics to throw out returned formula, even if it was unopened and unexpired. The DPH sent a memo Friday updating the policy for returned formulas.Continue reading “Georgia Destroying Baby Formula under USDA guidelines”

More Election Questions (UPDATE)

By: George William (UPDATE) An election official from Fulton County, GA told GA Star News that chain of custody forms are missing. An analysis from Star News using forms and information provided by the county via an open records request shows that 385 forms of an approximate 1,565 are missing. As of April 7, almostContinue reading “More Election Questions (UPDATE)”

Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now

Coke has been on the “woke” train recently after it was revealed back in Feb that it was encouraging it’s employees to be “less white” and in Jan said to it’s outside law firms that they must commit to diversity. The designer of these plans was Coke’s former general councel Bradley Gayton. He resigned recentlyContinue reading “Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now”

More Election Questions

As of April 7, almost 60% of the estimated 600,000 absentee ballots counted in Georgia, have no chain of custody documentation from those left in drop boxes. In Michigan, a lawyer by the name of Matt DePerno has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a resident in Antrim Co. after three recount concluded three differentContinue reading “More Election Questions”