Travel Mask Mandate Undone By Ruling Of Federal Judge

By: George William (CNN)- A federal judge in Florida struck down on Monday the Biden administration’s mask mandate for airplanes and other public transport methods, and a Biden administration official says the order is no longer in effect while the ruling is reviewed. US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle said the mandate was unlawful becauseContinue reading “Travel Mask Mandate Undone By Ruling Of Federal Judge”

Are Masks Immoral?

By: George William Along the discussion of if masks are useful or not, there’s been another one on if wearing one is right/wrong, moral or immoral. There are broad thoughts on this topic. From wearing one is always, absolutely immoral, to thinking they’re useless but for those who want to wear them can, to itContinue reading “Are Masks Immoral?”

The Futility Of The Lockdowns

The New York Post released two articles recently showing that the Covid lockdowns have done next to nothing except for putting people out of work. One article primarily cites the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a mixture of other sources such as college scholars and professors, while the other primarily cites Wallethub which is aContinue reading “The Futility Of The Lockdowns”

Parents Take Back Control Of Their Childrens School

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona recently passed an executive order no longer requiring masks in schools. Because of this the Vail School District called to schedule a meeting to determine their mask policy. Upon a crowd of over one hundred parents showing up, the school board cancelled the meeting. After parents pushed their way intoContinue reading “Parents Take Back Control Of Their Childrens School”