New York Lt. Gov. Resigns

By: George William (AP)-New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin resigned Tuesday in the wake of his arrest in a federal corruption investigation, creating a political crisis for Gov. Kathy Hochul. Benjamin, was accused in an indictment of participating in a scheme to obtain campaign contributions from a real estate developer in exchange for Benjamin’s agreementContinue reading “New York Lt. Gov. Resigns”

NYC To Use Race As A Priority When Giving Covid Treatments

By: George William New York City will “consider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk,” reads the agency’s official guidance from Dec. 20, which adds that “longstanding systemic health and social inequities” can contribute to an increased risk of dying from COVID-19. The race-based approach in treatment has already begun to have real-world consequences. One Staten IslandContinue reading “NYC To Use Race As A Priority When Giving Covid Treatments”