Harvard To Spend $100 Million In Atonement For Slavery

By: George William (AP)- Harvard University is vowing to spend $100 million to research and atone for its extensive ties with slavery, the school’s president announced Tuesday. President Lawrence Bacow announced the funding as Harvard released a new report detailing many ways the college benefited from slavery. The report, commissioned by Bacow, found that Harvard’sContinue reading “Harvard To Spend $100 Million In Atonement For Slavery”

Denver Area School Has Segregated Events

By: George William Centennial Elementary School has an event called  “The Families of Color Playground Night.” Held the second Wednesday of every month, reports the Post Millennial. Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo broke the news on Twitter. The event was organized by Nicole Tembrock, who is the Dean of Culture. Scott Pribble, the Media Relations ManagerContinue reading “Denver Area School Has Segregated Events”

Mickey Mouse Wokehouse

A bevy of leaked documents from Disney shows that the company has initiated a new program called “Reimagin Tomorrow” with the goal being “diversity and inclusion”. This is all very typical of what you’d expect to see from the anti-racist or Critical Race Theory (CRT) crowd. From the start, employees are told things like, “(AmericaContinue reading “Mickey Mouse Wokehouse”

Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now

Coke has been on the “woke” train recently after it was revealed back in Feb that it was encouraging it’s employees to be “less white” and in Jan said to it’s outside law firms that they must commit to diversity. The designer of these plans was Coke’s former general councel Bradley Gayton. He resigned recentlyContinue reading “Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now”

So The Shoe Has Dropped

The George Floyd case has been all but finalized. Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all charges. (Manslaughter, 3rd Degree murder, 2nd Degree murder.) Personally, I can understand him being found guilty for manslaughter. However, guilty on all counts is completely wrong, if you listened to BOTH sides of the case. What this message sendsContinue reading “So The Shoe Has Dropped”

Consistency Is Key

Recently a man named Daunte Wright was shot and killed in a police interaction. (Here is the footage.) As you can tell in the footage, the officer that shoots Daunte believes that they have pulled their taser instead of their firearm. While this is a bad mistake, this doesn’t automatically make it a “bad” shooting.Continue reading “Consistency Is Key”

Red States Aren’t Safe

The Vermont Governor Phil Scott announced the other day who is now available for the Covid-19 vaccine. Everyone but white people. “If you or anyone in your household identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC), including anyone with Abenaki or other First Nations heritage, all household members who are 16 years orContinue reading “Red States Aren’t Safe”

Where’s The Outrage?

Last Wednesday (3/17) there was an article published by The Root that calls “whiteness” a “public health crisis” and the only way to combat it is like you do with a virus. “…locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it” This is what happens when we let ideas such as Coke did with “beingContinue reading “Where’s The Outrage?”