Divorce Won’t Solve The Problem

By: George William I’ll come out and admit this right away that I’m not a governmental expert so take what I say with a grain of salt. Recently there has been a growing call for either a “national divorce“, for areas of one state to change to another or to create new states out ofContinue reading “Divorce Won’t Solve The Problem”

Catholics Do Something That Isn’t Surprising And Makes Everyone Mad

The Vatican issued a statement saying that the Church cannot bless same-sex unions. This was an answer to a question on the topic. The statement was approved by Pope Francis. The statement also made sure to make clear that the Church was still welcoming and blessing of gay people themselves but not their unions. TheContinue reading “Catholics Do Something That Isn’t Surprising And Makes Everyone Mad”

It’s Now Wrong To Be A Mother

Today I read a letter written to an advice column sort of thing. There are several things to be taken from this but the main ones that I want to focus on is the destruction of marriage and motherhood. Firstly, a good, strong marriage is one that is rooted in God. With that comes specificContinue reading “It’s Now Wrong To Be A Mother”