Churches Blaze Across Canada

By: George William St. Jean Baptiste church in Morinville, Alberta was seen on fire Wednesday morning. This is the fifth church that was set fire to this week. The first two were on June 21st early in the morning, Sacred Heart Church and St. George’s Church. The other two, St. Ann’s Catholic Church and ChopakaContinue reading “Churches Blaze Across Canada”

Canada: America’s Commie Hat

By: George William Another Pastor is arrested today in Canada for holding services under Covid. Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested today after holding worship services in secret. Tim was arrested before for violating a court order but the charges were dropped after the authorities discovered that Alberta Health Services never served the order in theContinue reading “Canada: America’s Commie Hat”

Top 5 Biblical Things To Teach Your Kids

By: George William First let me preface this by saying that I know the whole bible is valuable. It has untold amounts of wisdom. It’s for that reason I’m making this list. These are the things that I’d want my kids to always have at the forefront of their minds in guiding them biblicaly. BecauseContinue reading “Top 5 Biblical Things To Teach Your Kids”

Religious Discrimination Lite

By: George William Religious groups have met with senators, in the senators hope, to help draft an Equality “Lite” Act. The Equality Act is simply an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include things like gender identity and sexual orientation. This would have ramifications on religious organizations hiring practices. “The senators wantedContinue reading “Religious Discrimination Lite”

Another Pastor In Jail

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a Polish immigrant, gained notoriety recently on Passover when he recorded himself throwing officers out of his church for trying to shut down the service without a warrant. Several times throughout the confrontation he reffers to them as “Nazis” and “gestapo”. Now, according to Rebel News, Artur was arrested on hisContinue reading “Another Pastor In Jail”

Faux Freedom

In London recently a pastor by the name of John Sherwood was arrested over “homophobic” comments. “I wasn’t making any homophobic comments, I was just defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. I was only saying what the Bible says – I wasn’t wanting to hurt anyone or cause offence,” SherwoodContinue reading “Faux Freedom”