Philadelphia School District Invites Teachers to Conference Discussing Sex and Sex Transitioning for Kids

In early July 2021, the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sent invitations to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to teachers…

In Fairfax County, Virginia, Offenses Such As ‘Malicious Misgendering’ at the Same Level as Assault and Battery.

Fairfax’s proposed changes, set to be approved May 26. Offenses such as “malicious misgendering” and “outing related to gender identification” would…

The Moral Teacher

By: Real Truth Cactus There are two primary types of people who chose to enter the academic field: people who want the perceived benefits of being a teacher (hours, holidays, job security, etc), and people who feel like educating the young generation is their calling. There is very little in-between. Every parent wants their childContinue reading “The Moral Teacher”

Politics Is More Important Than Your Children

Emails now reveled show that teachers unions and the White House had a role in determining CDC guidelines for schools to reopen. There were a couple of times that the proposed changes to the guidelines by the unions were applied almost word for word. Changes such as, “In the event of high community-transmission results fromContinue reading “Politics Is More Important Than Your Children”

Reflections of a First-Year Teacher: The Pandemic Brought Out the Worst in Us All

The pandemic brought out the worst in many people. It brought out the worst in our political officials, the worst in our communities, our cities, and in some cases, in our friends and family. It also brought out the worst in the education system. Some say I chose the worst possible time to change careersContinue reading “Reflections of a First-Year Teacher: The Pandemic Brought Out the Worst in Us All”