Denver Area School Has Segregated Events

By: George William Centennial Elementary School has an event called  “The Families of Color Playground Night.” Held the second Wednesday of every month, reports the Post Millennial. Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo broke the news on Twitter. The event was organized by Nicole Tembrock, who is the Dean of Culture. Scott Pribble, the Media Relations ManagerContinue reading “Denver Area School Has Segregated Events”

Letter to the Editor: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools

The Editor The New York Times Subject: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools Dear Editor, In your article “Critical Race Theory: A Brief History”, your company printed an article that you believed gave a full and clear look at the history of Critical Race Theory (CRT), its application in public schools, and its impact onContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools”

Nike, Now A Chinese Company

By: George William Several clothing companies like Nike and H&M have expressed concern over whether the cotton they use from China is farmed with slave labor from Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang. Since then, the companies have faced a boycott from their Chinese market. In an effort to repair relations with China, Nike’s ChiefContinue reading “Nike, Now A Chinese Company”

The Moral Teacher

By: Real Truth Cactus There are two primary types of people who chose to enter the academic field: people who want the perceived benefits of being a teacher (hours, holidays, job security, etc), and people who feel like educating the young generation is their calling. There is very little in-between. Every parent wants their childContinue reading “The Moral Teacher”

Defense Contractors Go Anti-white

By: George William Christopher Rufo has obtained original documents showing Lockheed Martin sending white senior executives to take part in a diversity training program. The program was run by a group called White Men As Full Diversity Partners. One of the exercises in this program was to take the participants and have them discuss statementsContinue reading “Defense Contractors Go Anti-white”

Mickey Mouse Wokehouse

A bevy of leaked documents from Disney shows that the company has initiated a new program called “Reimagin Tomorrow” with the goal being “diversity and inclusion”. This is all very typical of what you’d expect to see from the anti-racist or Critical Race Theory (CRT) crowd. From the start, employees are told things like, “(AmericaContinue reading “Mickey Mouse Wokehouse”

Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now

Coke has been on the “woke” train recently after it was revealed back in Feb that it was encouraging it’s employees to be “less white” and in Jan said to it’s outside law firms that they must commit to diversity. The designer of these plans was Coke’s former general councel Bradley Gayton. He resigned recentlyContinue reading “Coke Has “Unwoken”… For Now”