Letter to the Editor: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools

The Editor The New York Times Subject: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools Dear Editor, In your article “Critical Race Theory: A Brief History”, your company printed an article that you believed gave a full and clear look at the history of Critical Race Theory (CRT), its application in public schools, and its impact onContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: Keep CRT Out of Public Schools”

Government Isn’t Morality

One of the biggest issues we face today is that, as a society, we have come to believe that just because something is legal it’s okay, and if it’s illegal it’s wrong. Let’s lay down some ground rules. 1) I’ll concede that is the case most of the time, but not always. 2) All lawsContinue reading “Government Isn’t Morality”

Parents Take Back Control Of Their Childrens School

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona recently passed an executive order no longer requiring masks in schools. Because of this the Vail School District called to schedule a meeting to determine their mask policy. Upon a crowd of over one hundred parents showing up, the school board cancelled the meeting. After parents pushed their way intoContinue reading “Parents Take Back Control Of Their Childrens School”

Who The Founders Were

I got this comment on my last article, “Great quotation from Thomas Jefferson, we are at a crossroads of either resisting in many areas, not only with guns, but I think more dangerous and overarching is the invasion of Critical Race Theory.” The thing I wanna draw attention to is the “not only with guns”Continue reading “Who The Founders Were”

To Vaccine Passport, Or Not?

A House bill, the “No Vaccine Passport” Act has been introduced by Andy Biggs (AZ5) and so far has 23 cosponsors. Yvette Herrell (NM2), Jody Hice (GA10), Ralph Norman (SC5), Ted Bud (NC13), David Cawthorn (NC11), Ben Cline (VA6), Warren Davidson (OH8), Jeff Duncan (SC3), Russ Fulcher (ID1), Louie Gohmert (TX1), Majorie Greene (GA14), AndyContinue reading “To Vaccine Passport, Or Not?”

Cages Are Out, Bridges Are In

Last week I wrote an article talking about the border crisis and how detention facilities are over capacity. This week it’s a whole nother beast. Project Veritas now has video from a CBP insider showing detainees being kept under a bridge in McAllen, Tx with nothing to protect them from the elements other than theContinue reading “Cages Are Out, Bridges Are In”

Lessons In The Storm Pt. 2

Yesterday (Feb 16) I wrote an article on the blackouts in Texas because of the recent winter storm. As time as gone on, more and more information has come out on what really is to blame. I do not believe that yesterday’s article is accurate enough on the situation so I have taken it down.Continue reading “Lessons In The Storm Pt. 2”